Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Ask A Detective: Sherlocked Edition" Audition Information

Panelist and Audition Information:

- Videos can be up to 2 minutes long.

- Full cosplay is recommended for video (A full costume is a must have for the panel). The costume has to be a canon outfit from the show BBC SHERLOCK.

- Stay in-character. (This is important. You are auditioning to portray that character in this panel.)

- This panel is G - PG-13. PLEASE stay there in your audition and the panel itself. There will be children present in the audience, and this is a family friendly panel. (I've met 10 year old *and younger* Sherlock fans.) To put it simply... If you don't see it in a PG-13 movie then don't do it or say it.

- You can audition for any of the characters in this list below:

Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
Jim Moriarty
Mycroft Holmes
Irene Adler
Inspector Greg Lestrade
Mary Watson

(I'd like to have every character on this list especially the first five.)

- The deadline for character auditions is May 18th.

-You can post up your video auditions on Youtube, but please do link them to me. If I can't find your video then you're not getting the part. I'll watch every single video. Please link your video and let me know who you're auditioning for.

- I will not be giving badges to the panelists. So, make sure you purchase yourself a Phoenix Comicon pass for the day of the panel at least. You can Purchase a badge at

- Panelists will be expected to be outside the panel room at least 5 minutes early.

- In your Video I'd like to hear:

1) *in-character* Why you want to be in the panel.

2) *out of character* Why you want to be in the panel.

You can do a skit, dance, etc. (this isn't necessary though).

+ Keep it PG-13, and remember the maximum length is 2 minutes for each audition. +

 General Panel Information:

- The Ask A Detective: Sherlocked Edition is PG-13. Which means the panel is family friendly!

- This panel is specifically about the television series SHERLOCK which belongs to the BBC.

- The basis of this panel is for the crowd to ask the 'characters' (actors/panelists) questions. The 'characters' (actors/panelists) will reply to the questions in character. The crowd could even ask the 'character' if s/he would be willing to do something. (Such as ask Sherlock to apologize to John, etc.) The 'character' can then decide if they will or won't do such action.

- The Panel's date and time: Friday, June 6,12:30.P.M

- Location of the panel: North 225a (at Phoenix Comicon 2014)

- Try to ask every character at least 2 questions during the panel. Trust me, Sherlock will probably get asked a lot of questions. So, why not ask Irene a question, or another character whom may be left out. I've seen panels where one character blatantly is ignored and thats just not cool.

- IF YOU DO GET THE PART, BUT CANNOT MAKE THE PANEL IN TIME, I WILL HAVE TO PICK A REPLACEMENT FROM THE CROWD. Please understand that the show must go on, and that if you can't keep track of time, the panel can't wait for you. Once at a panel one of the panelists hadn't come until 40 minutes into the panel. Thank you for understanding.

- Anyone who doesn't follow the rules of this panel and/or of Phoenix Comicon will be kicked out of the Ask a Detective: Sherlocked Edition panel.

Final Notes:

-Any questions? ask away! If you have any questions please ask me! It can be anything you're not sure about. I will be more than happy to help clarify. I will reply to all questions and comments as soon as I can. I will be allowing the main 8 characters into the panel.. I want to see auditions!

- More information will be put up as we get closer to the convention.

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope to see you at Phoenix Comicon 2014. 

-- Kat E.

Cosplay & Fan Gear:

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