Monday, January 20, 2014

Useful Cosplay Makeup Tutorials

Whether you're new to cosplay, or if you've been cosplaying for more years than you can remember, cosplay is amazing! However, we know that not every cosplayer knows of the various makeups you may need for some costumes. So, here are five useful cosplay makeup tutorials, we've found on Youtube. We hope you find these as helpful as we did!

Photo by joshvictus (DeviantArt)
Note: We did not make any of these tutorials, nor do we own them. We are not responsible for any content or effects you experience from the external videos and links below.

Cosplay 101: Basic Cosplay Makeup
Makeup is pretty important in cosplay, believe it or not. Without makeup a cosplayer usually will get washed out in a photo. This tutorial is very useful to anyone starting out in either makeup, cosplay, or both!

How to Look Bishounen (like a beautiful boy)
Ever wanted to look like those really kawaii boys from some shoujo manga? Well here is a helpful tutorial that will totally transform you into a bishounen. This makeup tutorial is great for Ouran Highschool Host Club, Black Butler, and any other fandom with kawaii men to cosplay as.

Crossplay Make-up Tutorial
Here is a less feminine way to do female to male crossplay makeup. This shows you how easy it is to completely transform a female face into a bearded male hero. That may sound funny, but in the world of cosplay its important!

Elf makeup & Easy Elf Ears Tutorial
Elves are in many things us cosplayers seem to love. (Video games, Anime, Novels, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.) Although this makeup tutorial is showing a very basic elf cosplay idea, it can be really put into any elf cosplay you design or any elf character. Also in this video, you'll see a cheap and effective way to make yourself cosplay elf ears.

Cat Makeup Tutorial

This final tutorial is great for Skyrim khajit cosplay. Its also amazing for other animal based cosplays such as were wolves, or even Catkind from Doctor Who. Although this makeup tutorial may be on the strange side, its really helpful and helps create realistic results!

We hope you find this list of tutorials useful. We will post more cosplay resources like this in the future!

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