Friday, November 15, 2013

Don't forget your Fez..

Fezzes are cool! We’re so excited for Saturday the 23rd! (Day Of the Doctor and The 50th Birthday of Doctor Who, too). It’ll be a special day, even the Tenth Doctor will try on a fez!

Now you too can have your own Doctor Who styled Cosplay Fez.. Just like Eleven and Ten! Yay for Cosplay!

As see in Party Like A Time Lord at Phoenix Comicon!

 Our red felt fezzes are fully lined and have a thin elastic strap to keep them on your head while you're partying like a timey-wimey timelord. Dress like your favorite Doctor; you could even get one for your brave companion!

Buy a Doctor Who Styled Cosplay Fez on Cosplay & Fan Gear!

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