Monday, July 8, 2013

Cosplay & Fan Gear Summer Savings Sale!

Here in Phoenix, Arizona, it's 113˚F (or for you guys using Celsius, it's 45˚). The perfect time for a relaxing vacation or even a staycation. No matter what's on your agenda Cosplay & Fan Gear has got you covered with our Summer Savings Sale! You can get 10% off any order with our special coupon code, SUMM3R!

Yes, any awesome item you find on you can get 10% off. Cross stitched pixel art? Or perhaps you want an elegant casino themed mini top hat to compliment your outfit on a Vegas get away.  Maybe even a kawaii mochi hat to share with your friends. Anything you order is 10% off with the special discount code SUMM3R!

Check out some of our cool new products!
Cross stitch pixel art!

Adorable mochi headpiece!

TARDIS blue Survival wristband!

Mini top hat with a Vegas style!

Offer ends August 1, 2013.

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